POS & Inventory Management System (ZaKTechPOS)

A must have tool for your Business that computes and presents all your shops, suppliers, purchases, stock (other features include low on stock alerts, stock taking, stock adjustments, e.t.c), sales (cash & credit), customers, cash flow, expenses (such as salary, rent, electricity, e.t.c), product analysis, staff attendance, and other valuable information that aids your business growth and performance in spectacular simplicity.


Oflline Use

It can also be used offline at an unfazed speed and accuracy of tracking your business' performance.

Data Privacy

If you choose the offline version, all your Business data is stored in your computer and your preferred backup location ONLY, which means even ZaKTech can not access it.

Multiple shops & users

Lets you and an unlimited number of users manage an unlimited number of shops.


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